Jazzy’s Bath Time
Jazzy’s Bath Time
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Jazzy’s Bath Time

JustJazzy54, LLC
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Sore achy, dry skin… try our Massage Soap Bars for a deeper penetration to help relieve pain and soothe inflammation on your body after a long day of work.

Our Botanical Herbal Soaking will help provide relief from the stress of living a full life with family and work. We could never walk a mile in your shoes, but we can provide you some comfort and support when times get rough.

A recipe with Radiance & Glow! Crafted with clean and safe ingredients and loads of love. 

Massage Soap Bars & Botanical Herbal Soaks are known for:

  • Breaking Down Scar Tissues 
  • Cleansing & Exfoliating
  • Restoring skin from allergies, eczema, rashes and uv rays exposure 
  • Stretching Muscles & Tendons
  • Soothing Muscle Soreness & Tension

Suggested Use:

  • Wet your body and massage bar with warm water
  • Glide onto your skin and begin massaging your body with great intention to make you feel better 
  • Pairs great with our Botanical Herbal Soaks, Healing and moisturizing Body Butters, Exfoliating Scrubs and much more…

Allergies: Always do a patch test before the first use to avoid potential allergic reaction. Seek immediate medical attention for all allergies.

 Discontinue Use If An Allergic Reaction Occurs.

Shipping: Make To Order For Freshness (2-3 days)

  • Local pickup available 2-4 business days
  • Shipping Available

 All Sales Are Final


This is for external use only & has not been tested by FDA. In case of pregnancy or severe allergies please do a patch test and/or consult with your medical provider before using. This product is not intended to treat nor cure any disease or replace any prescribed treatment.

Please note that I am simply sharing my experience, opinions and joy in creating known healthy products for you & your family to feel good. 

Stay Hydrated & Moisturized!