JustJazzy54 Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is here and it’s time to have loads of fun with your family on vacation and enjoy the sunshine in this gorgeous sunny weather. But hold up and wait a minute for a few skincare tips to help keep your skin from becoming a burden in this blazing summer season.

Summer Skincare Tips: 

1. Consultation: Its very important to understand what you need to know before making decisions on the best options for your skin health. Be sure to consult your medical professional before making decisions based upon any information that may be of interest to you.
2. Cool - Warm Showers: It’s recommended to take cool to warm showers because they can help reduce inflammation, redness and improve circulation. 
3. Exfoliate: Select a great exfoliant from our product page to get started. Always perform a spot check for allergies and immediately discard if an allergic response occurs. Gently apply to your skin, but dampen skin and carefully rub in a circular motion to help remove dead skin from your skin and especially your problem areas, such as your bikini line. Rinse and immediately apply a body butter from our Sensitive Skincare Collection to begin your sealing & healing process. It’s recommended 1-2 a week. 
4. Moisturizer: Immediately moisturize with one of JustJazzy54’s moisturizing products to lock in moisture. Find a great moisturizer to help with dry skin that works for your skin type as well as your face to make it easier to get rid of acne or other skin problems that may affect skin health. 
5. Select a SPF (Sun Protection Factor): select a SPF to protect against the Sun Radiation. The  SPF number is how well it will protect your sun from radiation exposure. Be sure to read your labels, consult your medical professional or a pharmacist before purchasing. 

We recommend that you use the following information sparingly to ensure it’s what’s best for you. The information provided is the sole opinion of the author and will not be the replacement for the medical advice provided by a physician or paraprofessional who is qualified to advise you based off your medical and family history. 

Be safe, mindful and stay hydrated!

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