Pollen and Skin Allergies

Time has sprung forward and springtime is coming up soon for the new season. We will be celebrating the first warm day digging in dirt and planting some flowers and crops in our garden. At least that’s ideal for those who don’t suffer from seasonal allergies such as pollen

 Pollen is a yellow powdery substance that leads to fertilization of plants. Pollen can be spread by insects and winds. Although pollen is a good thing for the environment it possesses a high risk for those who are allergic. Pollen is a common trigger for skin inflammation problems in people who suffer from allergies such as dermatitis. 

Dermatitis is the inflammation of skin. Pollen can cause the skin to become dry, tight, swollen and flaky. These skin reactions are associated with eczema and may cause pain and itching, causing you to scratch and damage your skin, which leads to scarring and prolonged sensitivity of skin. The skin is very sensitive so it is important to be aware of the allergy levels before going outside, consult your primary care provider and choose a product to defend, recover and restore itchy, flaky and dry skin.  

Our Sensitive Body Butter Collection provides you with a safe and effective alternative treatment that is filled with clean and natural ingredients that are known for being very effective in reducing inflammation and improving your skin health. The Oatmeal Body Butter is a fan favorite and it is very effective in helping with inflammation, swelling and dryness in the skin.

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  • Love the products. EXCELLENT feel, definite results and improvement.

    Darius Johnson

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