Is juicing a good thing or bad thing…

Fruits and vegetables are great for your skin and overall health.

They are loaded with antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals that can help your skin look younger, provide a natural glow and help your body feel better, stronger and healthier. Such as lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, preventing some types of cancer, improving eye health, stabilizing blood sugar and quality of life. 

What is juicing?

Juicing is extracting nutrients, minerals and vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a great way to expand your diet to include vegetables and fruits you would otherwise not eat. If you’re not a fan of chewing first thing in the mornings, try juicing your favorite fruits and vegetables with some of the best nutrition to hold you over until lunch. 

What do I do with my fruit and vegetable pulp?

So how do you dispose of the pulp? Lol, I’m sure you thought juicing was easy to do, but disposing the pulp is one of the most common challenges in juicing. 
Pulp, is a byproduct after extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Composting is something you can do to eliminate waste. Countless research has recommended not composting peeling off fruits and vegetables due to pesticides, but some readings suggest “don’t waste, your waste.” 

I created an outside compost bin with a large plastic tote. It required me to poke holes in the lid and the bottom of the tote for moisture control. Next, I filled the tote with soil, grass clippings and the pulp. I also filled the soil with water to keep it moist. Periodically, I go and turnover the compost pile and water it. Once the the compost pile has settled into the soil it should be ready to use in your garden and many other things. 

Finally, juicing is not only beneficial for your overall health it is beneficial for your garden and your environment. Share your tips on your juicing journey and advice on how you dispose of your pulp. 
All information is the sole opinion of the author from personal experience with juicing and pulp disposal. I am not a medical professional and have no authorization to diagnose, treat or cure any disease nor ailments. Please consult your medical professional before you start any lifestyle changes to make sure you have adequate medical advice. Thank you for choosing to support.

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