How To Make Whipped Body Butter ~ DIY Recipe

Glowing skin is the basis to any look! 

Who would have thought it was a real need for a more concentrating moisturizer other than lotion or Vaseline, especially when dealing with eczema, dry & sensitive skin. Lotion is too thin for inflamed skin issues and Vaseline is too thick to wear. Whipped Body Butter is a great alternative to safer skin care & then the beauty of this is that you know exactly what is in it!

What is a whipped body butter?

Anything that you put on your skin can absorb into your body so it is important to understand what it is that you’re using. A Whipped Body Butter is a homemade, creamy butter with a silky texture that is great for sensitive and dry skin. Our luxurious body butter is loaded with natural and organic ingredients like Shea, Cocoa, Mango Butter, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and more ingredients that are known for healing, rejuvenating the skin! So now you can create a do-it-yourself recipe. 

How to make whipped body butters?

Surprisingly, some of the ingredients for a whipped body butter can be found in your kitchen. Such as using olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil for a carrier oil. A carrier oil is an oil that is used to dilute an essential oil, due to its potency that can cause adverse reactions. Essential oils have beneficial health benefits such as lavender, peppermint and lemon (research benefits.) Next up is a hard butter as mentioned above - Shea, Cocoa or Mango Butter that can be found at your local beauty supply store. Along with a pot to create a double boiler, bowl, measuring spoons, spatula and electric mixer. A very easy recipe will be found below.

Recipe: Use one (1) part each of four basic ingredients: 

  1. Shea Butter 1/2
  2. Mango Butter 1/2
  3. Olive Oil 1/2
  4. Coconut Oil 1/2
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Apply gloves, wipe down the area being used with alcohol (90%). Fill the pot with 1-2 inches of water and turn on a low to medium temp; place bowl of ingredients into the “double boiler “ as they slowly melt down stir throughout to expedite the process; remove bowl and wipe off excess water and cover bowl to ensure no excess moisture from the freezer. Allow it to cool down until it has a semi solid thin layer on top. Remove bowl from freezer, wipe off and use mixer to make a whipped body butter. Be sure to frequently scrape off sides with spatula and whip until you get the consistency you want.

Optional: three (3) to four (4) drops of essential oil; cosmetic mica powder for creative purposes 

Place in a clean jar & store in a cool dry place. Be sure to use clean hands before using it because is not a preservative. 

***Your recipe should always equal out to 100%. Wholesale Supply Plus has a FREE Batch Calculator that you can use.***


Please note that I am not an expert and am simply sharing my research, experience, opinions and joy in creating healthy products for you & your family to enjoy feeling conditioned & less ashy.


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