Eczema: Living and coping with symptoms

My name is Cherri and I suffer from eczema and sensitive skin.

I was born in the year of 1973. My mom was pregnant with me and had terrible morning sickness so she was prescribed a medication to relieve it, but to her surprise she became ill taking the medication. A bummer right to be pregnant, nauseous and tired! Absolutely, a bummer, fearful and distraught that the morning sickness medication prescribed by a medical professional was later discovered that the medication had adverse effects on the embryo causing birth defects.

I can remember as a very young child having my wrist bonded to my bed to stop me from scratching and scratching my skin until it bled. My mom tried everything from multiple medical providers, steroids, calamine lotion & even got rid of all the feather pillows in our home. Feather pillows were a big thing in the 70s and she was instructed to get rid of all feathered pillows because they too exacerbated my asthma and allergies.

I’m sharing this information to make sure that you are aware that JustJazzy54 is more than just a business with great and exceptional quality products for you to catch a break when you’re at your wits end with your skin and hair. We’re passionate about our business and products we create because we know what it feels like to not find any relief in over the counter remedies and or suffer from adverse reactions from steroids and other medications that may do more harm than good.

Our focus is to make sure we provide the best possible solution to dry, irritating and painful itching skin and hair because we want to do our best to avoid you going through the things I did because we had limited access to information about the skin and hair.

Bye Ashy, Hey Jazzy!

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