Jazzy Joyce Day

JustJazzy54, LLC will like to dedicate a day of recognition for the force behind our motivation to keeping your skin & hair hydrated and moisturized.

Jazzy” Joyce Bloodworth was a native of Wilmington, North Carolina. She was born a twin on Christmas so they should have known she was going to be a ray of light & adored by many because she was born on a day many people celebrate & love.

Joyce had a gorgeous smile, bright eyes, bubbly personality & was such a joy to be around. With all those great attributes to share with the world, she dealt with sensitive skin issues exacerbated by environmental issues & food allergies. 

Our mom would look like a well trained chemist mixing raw Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil & Shea butter creating the perfect concoction for her & her family’s dry, irritated & sensitive skin. Hence, it created the catalyst for bridging the balance of our business and skincare needs to help you and your family. This is why she deserves to be recognized because she was & still is the driving force behind JustJazzy54, LLC.

Jazzy’s Day will be this Saturday, October, 15, 2022. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to celebrate 🎉 a 15% discount on all products. 
Stay Hydrated & Moisturized!

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